SkyTrak Tips For A Great In Home Golf Simulator Experience

by John Spagnola

For most golfers, the idea of an in-home golf simulator is nothing more than a fantasy. However, with advancements in technology, your own golf simulator is now more attainable than ever. Gone are the days when a simulator installation costs 30, 40 thousand or more. Now, with SkyTrak you can get accurate, real-time data and course play at an affordable price. 

When making the decision to add an in-home launch monitor/golf simulator setup, the first question to ask is “where?” Whether you plan to custom build a golf studio or repurpose that space in your basement or garage, these questions need to be addressed:

  • Do I have enough room to comfortably swing a club? To test this, grab your driver, take a swing and ensure you have sufficient height, width and depth available. 
  • What setup best fits my space? Is there sufficient room for a hitting bay with a projector or is a smaller setup with a hitting mat/net combination optimal for my available space?
  • What am I looking to get out of my setup? A dual-purpose golf simulator/home theater? Am I more interested in game improvement and data tracking or playing championship golf courses with friends and family? Or, all the above? 

After you’ve addressed these pre-setup questions, make a plan. If you have the space and budget, a custom-built golf studio with projection is the optimal path. For the more budget conscious, there are numerous turnkey do-it-yourself options that are simple to assemble and provide an immersive simulation experience. If your available space and budget are limited, a simple setup with a hitting mat/net combination will still provide great feedback and is a very effective solution. Many SkyTrak customers use the system in smaller spaces by connecting their mobile devices to a TV or external monitor to maximize their visual experience. Want some inspiration for your space? Check out these SkyTrak setups!

Next, address your objectives/goals. Are you looking for more insights and data on your game to improve your on-course performance? Take advantage of the numerous game improvement options available in the software and mobile app. Or, if you’re interested in course play, there are a variety of excellent options available; nearly every golf course imaginable available to play at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

Finally, set your plan into motion. This setup is where you and your family will be spending the majority of your free time so it’s important to get it right.

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