Use Your SkyTrak to Prep for a PGA Tour Course – Harbour Town

by Ryan Gager

From tee to green, Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, South Carolina is regarded as one of the tougher golf courses on the PGA Tour, consistently ranked inside the top 20. When I played Harbour Town for the first time, the caddie said, ​“even if you hit it in the fairway you might be blocked out by trees.” He wasn’t wrong! Harbor Town is a demanding golf course with very narrow fairways, and the greens are some of the smallest on the PGA Tour. Using your SkyTrak, you can gain some insight into how demanding this course really is!

SkyTrak Practice Fairway Feature

Use Practice Fairway feature to dial in your tee shots on tight doglegs

Several tee shots around Harbour Town are very narrow doglegs. Off the tee precision is crucial in order to have a clear view for your approach shot into the green. With trees being just a couple yards off the rough, staying focused and swinging committed is how you will be successful around Harbour Town. To prepare for these types of tee shots, use the SkyTrak Practice Fairway Feature. This will allow you to get a glimpse of how difficult it is to hit fairways around this course. Set the Fairway Difficulty to hard and change your distance to the bend manually. After five shots change the direction of the dogleg, because you’ll need to work the ball both ways!

Practice Green and Randomizer Features

The average golfer tends to aim at flags regardless of where it’s located on the green. As a result, they completely neglect the trouble areas around the green. At Harbour Town, if you miss greens you are looking at very difficult up and downs. The green complexes are just as difficult as the fairways. The greens have a lot of slope, so playing conservative will give you the best chance to shoot the lowest score possible. For any given golf course, aiming for the middle of the green is your best option. Even if you mishit your shot you could still be on or around the green. To prepare for Harbour Town, change the Practice Green feature to hard. Also, change the size and distance of the greens for each shot using the Randomizer feature. 

To really prepare for different types of shots of around Harbour Town, use the WGT closest to the pin challenge. Every shot will give you a different distance from a different location. You will see how precise you will have to be on your approach and pitch shots around the green!

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