My Favorite Feature – The Wedge Matrix

by Ryan Gager

Growing up I was never the longest hitter. I rarely missed fairways but I would be very lucky to hit a driver over 260 yards. It would frustrate me to be outdriven by 20 – 30 yards on average, but it was something I grew accustomed to. However, the one advantage I had was my short game. That is where I could make up shots over the longer hitters. Inside of 120 yards I could give myself a very good look at birdie or save par when I would miss the green.

When I got to college, my coach would have us work on our wedges daily. He would setup targets from 100 yards and in for us to hit. The goal was not only to hit the target, but to see where your dispersion was with each club. He would tell us ​“it doesn’t matter how good your good shots are. It matters how good the bad ones are. That separates the good wedge players from the great ones.”

Using the Wedge Matrix

Fast forward to now, I don’t have access to the golf course like I did in college but I’m always looking for ways to improve my short game. The SkyTrak Wedge Matrix feature allows me to hit all my wedges from a variety of swing lengths. I always focus on my carry distances and spin rates to see If anything needs to be changed in my equipment. Being able to see my exact carry numbers gives me confidence out on the course from those delicate 30 – 50 yard shots.

Practice Pitches, Half Shots, 3/4 Swings and Full Wedges using the Wedge Matrix

After I get through with my weekly Wedge Matrix session, I open the SkyTrak range and set the green to different distances to see how my Wedge Matrix session paid off.

The Wedge Matrix has helped me save countless strokes on the course. It has allowed me to take the pressure off of not knowing how far my wedges go. I highly recommend every player regardless if you are a beginner golfer to a scratch handicap use the Wedge Matrix. You will not only gain confidence, but you will give yourself more opportunities to make birdies and save par. 

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