From the Range to the Course

by John Spagnola

One question I always received as a teaching professional was, ​“why can’t I take my range game to the course?” As golfers, we are always trying to mess with our swing, mess with our equipment, or we mess with our setup. But we often neglect how to transfer our practice sessions to the course.

One mistake I see is that most players spend too much time on block practice. ​“Block” is the type of practice where golfers tend to hit a full bucket of balls without having any purpose or goal in mind. Most of the time it is to just to get the body loose. Block practice does have some creditability if you are working on a swing movement and you need repetition to get comfortable with the new movement. Your practice sessions should align with what you will do out on the course.

  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Commit to the shot
  • Post shot feedback

On the range you should go through your pre-shot routine. You visualize the shot, measure your distances, and take the conditions into account. After you go through your pre-shot routine you commit to your shot. Finally, you analyze your shot and assess what you did good and bad. Out on the course you will not hit the same yardage multiple shots in a row. It is always random distances for every shot. With SkyTrak, you have the Randomizer feature that allows you to hit random distances with each shot. This allows you to take your practice sessions to the course easier.

You can access this feature on the Practice Range or the Skills Assessment feature. When I am struggling in the long or short part of my bag, I turn on the Randomizer and see what my shot tendencies are. That way I can plan for any course I can play. This helps me eliminate any pressure or nervousness I feel out on the course. I challenge all #SkyTrakUsers to use the Randomizer each week. You will see dramatic improvements in your ball striking and your scores!

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