Know Your Tendencies

by Ryan Gager

For four years as a college player, I recorded my stats after each round. As a result, I knew my strengths and my weaknesses. Afterwards, as a team we would have a game plan going into our practice sessions — knowing exactly what we need to be working on. As I’ve transitioned out of being able to play every day, I’ve looked to SkyTrak to help me streamline my practice sessions because I simply don’t get to practice as much as I used to. In my opinion, the most underrated feature of SkyTrak is the Skills Assessment. Why? Because I use it multiple times a month to help address those weaknesses I see in my stats.

Skills Assessment

Completing a Skills Assessment and learning your tendencies will help you during your practice sessions and on the golf course. After going through my personal Skills Assessment my tendency is a short left miss. I found that my strengths are from 7 iron to my wedges. Knowing my tendencies allows me to game plan for any course I play. Knowing I have a short left miss allows me to make minor adjustments out on the course to fix my miss. By aiming right and taking more club I fixed the issue. Seeing my strengths are from my 7 iron down allows me to take a more aggressive approach to make birdies.

When you complete a Skills Assessment, keep a record of your Dynamic Handicap and set a goal to see how many strokes you want to lower your handicap throughout the month. This allows you to practice with a purpose! Having a clear goal in mind during your practice sessions will allow you to focus on what you are working on. 

Skills Assessment Results Screen

During the Skills Assessment you can choose which clubs and distances you want to use. To get the most out of my sessions I pick out the clubs in my bag that I struggle with the most. In my bag I know I tend to have issues with the long irons. So, when I use the Skills Assessment I like to use the Randomizer feature. I set my distances from 180 – 225 yards. I will hit a variety of shots from those distances with each club using different swing lengths. This helps when I have this distances on the course. I don’t feel tense or anxious when I get a long iron in my hand because I know how to plan for my tendencies.

To get the most out of your practice sessions use the Randomizer feature at least once a month! You will see big improvements in your game after seeing what your tendencies are and how to fix them!

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