Improve Your Shots Off The Tee

by Ryan Gager

There’s one club most recreational golfers struggle with more than any other – driver. Most recreational players tend to think they can hit “perfect” drives where it sails 300 yards right down the middle, but instead end up trying to hit it too hard, and are not able to keep the ball in the fairway, sometimes not even in play. Take one of the best drivers of the golf ball in the world, Rory McIlroy, who during a typical round, might hit one or two “perfect” drives. In reality, golfers need more playable drives during a round. Here’s how you can use your SkyTrak to hit better drives and shot lower scores. A good place to start is with a proper setup, so you eliminate having to manipulate the club from a bad position to a good one to make proper contact.

Practice Range and the Long Drive Feature

Most players have three common issues with tee shots:

  1. Ball Position
  2. Attack Angle
  3. Club Selection

More times than not, recreational players place their ball position in the middle of their stance; like they would hit an iron. A driver swing and an iron swing are not the same swing. With an iron, you are swinging the club on a downward attack angle. With a driver you are doing the exact opposite with an upward attack angle. Ball position can solve this issue. Moving the ball up in your stance — toward the inside of your lead foot — will encourage swinging up on a driver. To test this out, use the Practice Range or Long Drive feature. Notice the difference in spin, launch, and carry when you swing down versus the numbers when you swing up with a driver. Having a steeper attack angle will cause the ball to spin more and carry less. 

Use Practice Range and Long Drive to help improve your tee shots

Another way to change your attack angle is by tee height. Top 100 Instructor Joe Hallett gives us an example on how to improve your tee shots when using the Long Drive feature. By adjusting your tee height, you can change your attack angle with a driver.

Finally, driver is not always the most prudent play. Notice the trouble areas off the tee and make your club selection based on how the course is laid out. Sometimes it’s best to take less club, keep the ball in play, and not force the issue with your driver. 

Taking into account ball position, attack angle, and club selection will dramatically improve your tee shots. The main takeaway is to play to your strengths. It’s important to know when to be aggressive and go after those birdies and when to play for the center of the green and ensure a par. Use your SkyTrak and its immense features to help you prepare for all scenarios. 

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