Skills Assessment – Practice With A Purpose

by Ryan Gager

As golfers, we have all experienced hitting the ball great on the range, but then it doesn’t seem to transfer to the course. When that happens, we tend to try and find a fix by hitting more balls, but instead it leads to more problems and the score is nowhere near where it should be. I definitely struggled with this issue, as I would hit 50 – 100 balls before a round, causing my head to spin with too many swing thoughts as I approached the first tee. When I did have a good range session, my ball striking was not being transferred from the range to the course. However, with SkyTrak I have started implementing a new approach to my practice.

Setting Up a Skills Assessment

Set up Skills Assessments of varying lengths ensuring you practice with different clubs

So, what do we mean by ‘Practice with a Purpose’? We are talking about setting an expectation for each session. Having a clear goal in mind while practicing will help you transition your range sessions to the course. 

Recently, I’ve struggled with my wedge game from 75 – 100 yards. Also, over the past couple of months, I have been struggling with excessive curvature with my irons and driver. So, my initial goal was to work on my 75 – 100 yard shots and hit about 50 balls each day. My secondary goal was to work on my overall shot shaping. 

We understand that life might be very different now than it was when we were younger. In years past, I could practice whenever I want. Now, making it to the range is more difficult, and will become much harder as you advance your career, start a family, etc. But, this is where it’s beneficial to have a SkyTrak. Even using it over a lunch break or at night before bed can have lasting results. Utilizing the Practice Randomizer feature, I started hitting 50 shots daily to my problem yardage – 75  to 100 yards – while also working on my shot shaping with longer clubs.

As you keep working on Skills Assessments day after day, you will start seeing your proximity to the hole decrease and your overall confidence in your wedges and irons will grow. These Skills Assessment practices will help you play stress-free golf on the course because you put in the work with your SkyTrak. Having a clear goal while you practice will lead to better results. Going to the range and hitting shots just to hit them will only go so far. The phrase ​‘practice smarter not harder’ is one to take to heart, and SkyTrak will help you do just that. 

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